Meet Our Brewer. 

We are really excited to bring Lewis McCallister on board team parallel. Lewis has been in the craft beer industry for nearly 12 years, spanning multiple facets of this industry. Cellarman, shift brewer, lead brewer, head brewer, owner/operator, sales director, and social media director, Lewis has nearly done it all at this point in his career. His brewing journey has spanned multiple states and multiple continents. While Lewis has generally worked at hop-forward breweries, he does love a good west coast IPA although his favorite beer styles to design and drink these days are lagers and session English styles. In his spare time, Lewis enjoys getting outside as much as possible in the form of trail running, hiking, backpacking, skiing, and traveling.

Founded in March of 2022, Parallel Brewing Co. is the premier R&D brewery from New River Distilling. We produce a number of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.  

Keep an eye out for our beverages around the High Country.  Boone Booch is an organic Kombucha crafted locally and produced on site in Deep Gap. 

Try our new overall well-being Wellness spritzer bringing mother nature to your doorstep. This new formulation has a plethora of super compounds including:

Lions Mane: Cognition, Memory, Clarity, Sleep Cycles

Chaga: Antioxidants, Digestion, Microbiome 

Reishi: Immune Support, Mood, Stress, Sleep (Full Body)

Cordyceps: Energy, Stamina 


Vitamin D

Vitamin C